Our Story


Welcome to Booker’s Dugout, a world of colorful building blocks, smoking steamrollers, scooping excavators, and blasting off rocket ships. Here, dreams come true, imagination has no limit, and everyone is on the same team.

Our story begins on an unusually hot bay area day with a determined youngster looking to earn a little extra baseball card money. As Booker and his sister began to make plans for a sidewalk lemonade stand, their parents looked at the 108-degree temperature readout and agreed that there had to be a better way to encourage their children to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams than selling lemonade in the hot sun.

Booker, age seven, had another earning idea, one that did not involve ten minutes of sunscreen application. Booker loves expressing himself through colorful clothing but often has a tough time choosing between his firetruck shirt and his favorite sports tee.

His solution: why not combine both?

Our designs are straight from the imagination of a seven-year-old boy. We’ve taken the objects of childhood dreams and turned them into fun, bright team-themed designs. Details such as the flashing lights of the New York Fire Truck Tee and the orange color of the Houston Hard Hats Tee exist because of our young designer’s vision.

Each and every Booker’s Dugout product is made of the softest cotton-jersey blend fabric, assuring for a comfortable fit because Booker, like most little guys, cannot stand “itchy shirts.” The premium print lasts through the wear and tear that comes with an active child and stays vibrant for hundreds of washes.

Booker’s Dugout makes clothes for kids, designed by kids. Our mission is to make getting dressed a whole lot more fun.